Our founders - Meet the people behind the name.

Meet Ursula

Ursula’s head of the Zetter recruitment team and takes care of the day-to-day running of the business. With over 15 years’ experience, she started her career in specialist finance recruitment before founding Brand Recruitment in 2005. Under her leadership, she grew the business to revenues of £2million and 20 staff, and won several national recruitment awards including Best SME Marketing Recruitment Agency 2016, Regional Marketing Recruitment Agency of the Year in 2015, 2012, and 2011, and Cambridgeshire Recruitment Company of the Year. A finalist for Recruitment Boss of the Year 2015, Ursula won the Special Recognition Award for recruitment services at the Cambridge Recruitment Awards.

Meet Louis

Responsible for strategic and business development at Zetter, Louis founded Trinity Legal Services in 2005 and has 18 years’ legal services sales experience, and 14 years’ experience of owning and running a successful business in the Eastern region. He brings his understanding of services sales, client attraction and retention, and business expertise to Zetter.

Attracting the right talent, attaining the right role, retaining the best people: it requires an upfront investment in time and attention to detail.

Connected and respected

We operate in fast-growing, fast-moving sectors and move at your pace. A team of go-getters for the most ambitious businesses and salespeople in the Eastern region, we don’t think anyone should settle for less than the best. So we connect the most sought-after roles with the most standout candidates.

Insight and intuition

But there’s a knack to knowing people and finding the right fit. And some things are learnt over time. We combine 15 years of industry know-how and sector insight with that important, but so often elusive, attribute: intuition. We know you and what you do. We understand what makes you tick and what will make you work well together.

On both sides

Our clients and candidates all have something in common: ambition. Ambition to excel in their sector. Innovative businesses need talented salespeople, and talented salespeople demand roles in which they can thrive and advance. That’s why you need an attentive team on-side working hard for you both.

Our values. How we go one Zetter

Committed and caring: We’ll work as hard and care as much, as you do. Go-getting and ambitious: We’ll deploy our talent to advance yours. Attentive and intuitive: We’ll understand you to achieve the best for you. Setting the bar: We’ll raise standards because you shouldn’t settle for less.

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